AZ200 Controller

AZ200 Controller

Efficient bar controller


  • Az200-Spec1
    Fast operation, with programmable keyboard
  • Az200-Spec2
    Controls up to 255 different brands and 255 different cocktails
  • Az200-Spec3
    Special portion sizes can be added to the 4 default portions
  • Az200-Spec4
    Manages special events, like Happy Hour, with different prices per brand per event

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The ideal beverage control system for efficient and profitable operations. Select a product using the AZ200 Controller’s keyboard, insert the programmable spout in the activator ring and pour the product: the Controller will then pour the exact amount selected, automatically record the product, quantity, employee, and price for the current event, and update your inventory. The AZ200 controls all cocktails : if you don't know what liquor to pour, the AZ200 will tell you which liquor bottle to pick. Iif you pick up the wrong bottle it will not pour. The AZ200 Controller also manages the sales of all products available in your establishment. A complete management system for bar operations, it totals and records all transactions and can send the transactions to a cash register.

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